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Russ Falk
Updated 8/7/23

Most leases are in Central Ga. Laurens County Remember all tracts are under active timber management which may conflict with the hunting on the tract from time to time. Consider this before you sign your lease. We will try to avoid any conflicts but oftens times burning, raking straw and selling and or planting trees can not be avoided during the hunting season. If a portion of the season is ruined we will reimburse a portion of the lease amount in some cases.

When the tracts available and are displayed, you may click on underlined tract to view photos and maps of tracts. Please feel free to print maps and visit the tracts at your convenience.

If you are ready and we have agreed to sign a contract please click print and send the updated contract for 2023 to us by mail or email and include the Hunting Over Bait agreement if you are interested.

PLEASE CHECK WEBSITE AT YOUR CONVENIENCE new tracts will come up on line when availabe. PLEASE TEXT OFFERS TO
Cell:478 609 1122

View Hunting Lease Contract (simple, printable version)
View Hunting Over Bait Agreement (simple, printable version)

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