Timberland Resource Services is a management firm of foresters and forest technicians working in Georgia. We service all land needs including reforestation, forest management, land appraisals, real estate brokerage, and hunting lease management.

     To increase our accuracy we use and are proficient in the use of the latest technology. This inludes Arc Map, The Phantom 4 Drone, GPS Mapping with the Garmin 60c and Forest Metrix Software for timber cruising. As a forester Russell Falk worked eight years buying hardwood sawtimber and is very familiar with cruising swamps, drones, and the Garmin 60C. Mark Madrey is proficient with the Arc Map Program, P)hantom 4, Garmin 60C, and heavy equipment operation.

     We perform in house reforestation activities including heavy site prep, chemical site prep, release spraying, burns, and reforestation with our D% dozers and C and G planters..

     Our specialty in forest management begins with preparing a management (or stewardship) plan for your land followed by the appropriate and timely execution of timber sales. We believe proper forest management entails the selling of timber that has been cruised, inventoried, and prepared for sale into market strengths. As a proponent of wildlife habitat management, we often find ourselves thinning old stands of slash and long-leaf pine for quail and other wildlife habitat. We often remove the smaller, undesireable trees as well as cankered, forked or limby trees before removing trees of value and structure. This ensures that as a stand ages it is still growing high-value products to give you maximum return per acre.

     We often thin young planted pines by removing ninth rows and thinning in between. This leaves a stand with larger trees that are better spaced. The resulting larger average diameter of the stems will shorten the stand rotation and increase the net present value of your property.

If you are interested in forest management, please contact us and ask about a free consultation.

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